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Project Cluster

Structure and function of the ZBSA project cluster

Project clusters unite ZBSA scientists that by virtue of specific research topics are affiliated to one or more Strategic Research Themes and as such work in accordance with the ZBSA research agenda. Clusters are defined on the basis of existing projects, whereby a project may connect to more than one cluster. All ZBSA research staff is a member of at least one project cluster.

Purpose of the clusters is to ensure regular internal scientific exchange and quality control as well as to highlight fundamental ZBSA research interests. The clusters may invite guests, develop new projects, organize workshops and generate publications.

Clusters are established, named or dissolved by ZBSA researchers in agreement with the coordinators of the Strategic Research Themes and the research directors. The purpose, agenda, activities, importance or size of the individual clusters may vary. Clusters are not subordinate to the Strategic Research Themes.

Cluster members meet regularly and discuss the progress of current projects as well as more general research topics related to the overall research agenda of the ZBSA. They explicitly aim to address diachronic and synergetic aspects of our research. At least once a year there is a general inventory of clusters, where the state of affairs and perspectives of each individual cluster is presented and discussed with all ZBSA staff members.

Doctoral students as well as visiting guest researchers are explicitly invited to join the cluster most pertinent to their research and thereby integrated in relevant meetings throughout their stay at the ZBSA.

Cluster Heeresausrüstungsopfer
Cluster Zeichen, Symbole, Bildersprache
Cluster Technologie – Tradition und Transformation
Cluster Maritime Kommunikation
Cluster Jenseits des Grabes – Soziale und kulturelle Dimensionen des Umgangs mit dem Tod
Cluster Siedlungen und Machtstrukturen
Cluster Forschungskontinuität und Kontinuitätsforschung
Cluster Geschichte der Jagd
Cluster Landschaftswandel, Kulturtransfer und sozioökonomische Entwicklung in der Steinzeit
Cluster Siedlung und Raum im Paläo- und Mesolithikum
Cluster Ursprung und Entwicklung von Haustierpopulationen
Cluster Grundlagenforschungen in der naturwissenschaftlichen Archäologie
Cluster SFB Scales of Transformations