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New publication: Bronze Age Settlement and Land-Use in Thy, Northwest Denmark, vol. 1-2

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New publication: Bronze Age Settlement and Land-Use in Thy, Northwest Denmark, vol. 1-2

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This two volume monograph about the region of Thy, Northwest Denmark, in the Bronze Age provides a high-resolution archaeological and palaeoecological picture of the organisation of landscapes, settlements and households during the period 1500–700 BC. Bordering the North Sea to the west, and the calmer waters of the Limfjord to the east, the region of Thy experienced a dramatic period of intense economic and demographic expansion. By combining the results of palaeoenvironmental research, extensive field surveys and excavations of archaeological sites with exceptional preservation, a window has been opened to the changes that transformed Bronze Age society and its environment during a few centuries of accelerating expansion and wealth consumption. The results from this multi-disciplinary venture made it possible to link the histories of local farmsteads in Thy with wider developments and events in the Bronze Age of northwest Europe. In this richly illustrated monograph there is much to feed on for students and researchers of the Bronze Age alike..

285 + 578 pages. Richly illustrated in colour. Hardback.
Published in conjunction with Museum Thy
Price: 500 DKK 

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 Berit Bronze Age Settlement

The editors proudly present the publication. From left to right: Berit V. Eriksen, Kristian Kristiansen and Jens-Henrik Bech (photo © Normann Aaboe Nielsen)

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