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SFB-Projekt: Bayesian chronological modelling of the transition from Bronze Age to Iron Age (SFB 1266, G1)

cand. scient. Helene Agerskov Rose

The aim of the present project is to further our understanding of the transition from Bronze Age to early pre-Roman Iron Age in the cross-border region of Southern Jutland and Schleswig. To achieve this a large number of cremation burials from urnfield cemeteries from the chosen geographical region will be radiocarbon dated and the results analysed using Bayesian chronological modelling.
Radiocarbon dating has been widely used to cross-reference and revise typo-chronologies, but because of the so-called ´Hallstatt plateau´ (800-400 BC) this specific period has only been subjected to a very limited number of radiocarbon dates. The period encompasses the transition from Bronze Age to early pre-Roman Iron Age in Southern Scandinavia (c.500 BC) and any research into this period therefore relies solely on typo-chronologies. The metal chronologies can be partly cross-references to central European Hallstatt finds, but metal only appears in small numbers in burial material only. Ceramics are present in both burials and settlements but the chronologies are often ambiguous and only vaguely related to the metal chronologies. The onset of the present project is the existing typological chronologies published and references in the literature. It is not within the scope of this project to re-analyse these chronologies, but instead try and give an absolute chronological model for the given transition period and according to the output of the project, maybe suggest a revision of the typo-chronologies.

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