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EAA 2012 in Helsinki – Call for papers!

The 18th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists will take place in Helsinki on August 29 - September 1, 2012.

On this occasion ZBSA researchers are involved in the organization of three different sessions. Abstracts are ready for downloads as pdf's.

  • PD Dr. Berit Valentin Eriksen (ZBSA) and Dr. Gitte Hansen (University Museum of Bergen) will be organizing a session on "Settled and Itinerant Crafts People in History and Prehistory"
  • Dr. Mara-Julia Weber (ZBSA) and Dr. Mikkel Sørensen (University of Copenhagen) will be organizing a session on "Traditions in transition: studies of lithic trajectories"
  • Dr. Harald Lübke (ZBSA), Professor Dr.Lars Larsson (University of Lund) and Dr. Nicky Milner (University of York) will be organizing a session on "European Hunter-Gatherer Bog-sites: Data, Models, Perspectives"
  • Dr. Oliver Grimm and Dr. Ulrich Schmölcke (ZBSA), Prof. David George Anderson and Dr. Ingrid Sommerseth (University of Tromsø; Norway), Director John Olsen (Vest-Agder Museum and "Wild Reindeer as Added Value"; Norway) and Prof. Andrei V. Zinoviev (Tver State University; Russia)
    will be organising a session on “Reindeer Hunting as Part of Circumpolar History against the Wider Background of Hunting in Central and Northern Europe”
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