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EAA 2016: Sessions with ZBSA members, Call for papers

ZBSA staff members are involved in organizing sessions at EAA 2016 in Vilnius. Further information int the PDF files.

Session TH4-07:
Prehistoric Foragers in the Northern Forest Zone: Isotopic clues to their Chronology, Diets and Mobility

Session TH1-20:
Regional and chronological development of fishing: Its significance in past economies and their socioeconomic dynamics

Session TH1-30:
Evaluating the importance of osseous tools in the Early Holocene: a European perspective

Session TH1-11
Between landing site and vicus - between emporium andtown. Framing the early medieval urban development

Session TH4-02
Archaeology of Hillforts in the Baltic

Session TH1-18
Social dynamics and transformation during the Late Neolithic and Bronze Age

Session TH4–05
Sketches of first millennium rural communities: integrating dwelling spaces and the dead

Session TH5-09
Genetic, physical and chemical methods in archaeological fish bone analysis

Osseous tools   298.1 kB  
Social dynamics   265.1 kB  
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