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Nydam Mose, Band 3 und 4. Die Schiffe.

Andreas Rau (Hrsg.).

Nydam 3 CoverIn two books, Nydam Mose 3 & 4 − Die Schiffe (Nydam bog 3 & 4 − the boats), the ZBSA has published new studies on a well-known find, the Nydam boat. Further excavations in Nydam bog by the Danish National Museum in the 1990s brought to light important new information on the Nydam boat and two other boats that were also deposited in Nydam bog. These new excavations have been published by Flemming Rieck (Køge Museum), with descriptions of the finds, illustrations of selected objects  and excavation diagrams (Nydam Mose 3). A group of renowned scholars from Denmark and Germany have also re-evaluated the technological and functional role of the Nydam boat finds: these studies have been combined in a richly illustrated volume of essays (Nydam Mose 4).

The project was directed by Dr Andreas Rau of the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology (ZBSA). The publication of the latest research on one of the most important archaeological objects connected with the early history of central and northern Europe thus coincided with the 150th anniversary of its discovery (the Nydam boat was found and excavated in 1863).

The books can be ordered as a set of two volumes from the
Verein zur Förderung des Archäologischen Landesmuseums Schloss Gottorf oder den or Aarhus University..

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