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Fundamental research in scientific archaeology

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The methods and the results obtained in geophysics, chemistry, physics and molecular biology are of growing importance in the interpretation of archaeological finds and features and are increasingly consulted in the clarification of the history of cultural and social processes and phenomena. Our own innovative refinement and adaptation of such scientific methods specifically for the archaeology of our research area, as well as the necessary fundamental research in the broadest sense, are important aspects of the academic activity of the ZBSA. This is carried out in close cooperation with the scientific institutes and disciplines of our partner university, the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, as well as other international research institutions.


This Research Priority is assigned to the Strategic Research Area ► Man and Environment.

Archaeogenetic study of animal hairs
Dr. Elena Nikulina
Dating human remains potentially subject to 14C reservoir effects
Dr. John Meadows
Fishy food crusts
Dr. John Meadows
Large-scale geophysical surveys of Early Medieval settlement areas
Johannes Frenzel M.A.
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From 17/3/2020 the staff of the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology will be mainly working from home due to the Corona crisis. The employees can be reached under the known email addresses.

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