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Cluster "Landscape change, cultural transformation and socio-economic development during the Stone Age"

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In several areas of the wider Baltic Sea region, marshland settlements have recently been discovered with layers of Stone Age finds that are suitable for the detailed study of the environmental and cultural history. They permit comparative diachronic studies of the chronology of various topographical and cultural areas. In this cluster, the relationship between the eastern and western parts of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea area is evaluated anew and human behaviour under the influence of changing topography is investigated.

Pioneers of the North: Transitions and transformations in Northern Europe evidenced by high-resolution datasets (c. 15,000-9,500 BCE)
PD Dr. Berit V. Eriksen, Dr. Sonja B. Grimm, Dr. Mara-Julia Weber, Sascha Krüger M.A.
Research on the absolute chronology of cultural and topographical developments during the Stone Age in the eastern Baltic region
Dr. Harald Lübke
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