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The former East Prussia within the Network of Baltic archaeology

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The Research Priority entitled “The former East Prussia within the Network of Baltic archaeology” focuses on the former East Prussia (now part of Russia, Poland and Lithuania), which is a distinctly defined geographical area on the southern Baltic coast with its own cultural history. It also has its own very specific research history as well as an exceptional potential for future research. In few other regions of Europe is the post-war political division of international research between East and West so clearly defined. This is linked, too, with losses during the war as well as the later re-discovery of original finds and documents relating to research carried out before the war. In this Research Priority, the ZBSA, as a primary point of convergence in international archaeology, has intensified its longstanding efforts to create a new basis for the positioning and integration of this unique research area, which is a key archaeological and historical region in the Baltic area.

This Research Priority is assigned to the Strategic Research Area ► Man and Society

Continuity of research and research of continuity
Dr. Timo Ibsen, Dr. Jaroslaw Prassolow, Annika Sirkin M.A.
Personal ornaments and belt fittings dating to the early Roman Period found in the area of the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture (completed)
Agata Chilińska-Früboes M.A.
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