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Cluster Continuity of research

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The cluster "Continuity of research and research of continuity" focuses on the region of former East Prussia (now part of Russia, Poland and Lithuania), a geographically and culturally defined area on the southern Baltic coast, which is associated with a very special history of research. In hardly any other region of Europe is the politically imposed East-West division of international post-war research so clearly visible, a direct result of the war-related loss of finds and records from the earlier German research period. The cluster attempts to make a contribution to the re-establishment of the interrupted research continuity by discussing a wide range of topics, from a consideration of the history of the research to the analysis of earlier excavations of burial grounds as well as questions raised by current settlement archaeology, e.g. regarding the territorial continuity of Baltic tribes in the first millennium AD. This is accomplished by combining pre-war data, mainly obtained by German archaeologists, with the results of later research by Russian, Polish and Lithuanian archaeologists.

Continuity of research and research of continuity
Dr. Timo Ibsen, Dr. Jaroslaw Prassolow, Annika Sirkin M.A.
Personal ornaments and belt fittings dating to the early Roman Period found in the area of the Dollkeim-Kovrovo Culture (completed)
Agata Chilińska-Früboes M.A.
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