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Research Priorities

Structure and function of Research Priorities in the ZBSA

Research Priorities are centred around networks of ZBSA researchers, in which issues common to several different projects are discussed. Research Priorities are determined in accordance with the overall scientific objectives and unique features of the ZBSA Strategic Research Areas.

They are assigned to the individual Strategic Research Areas, although their content can overlap. Each ZBSA researcher is assigned to at least one of the Research Priorities.

The Research Priorities contribute to the internal scientific exchange of ideas, internal quality control and sharpening the research profile of ZBSA while keeping in mind its fundamental field of study. The research priority teams can also invite guests to develop project ideas, organise events and prepare publications.

Research Priorities are initiated, denominated and disbanded by ZBSA research staff in agreement with the Strategic Research Area Coordinators and the scientific management. The content, activity, importance and size of each Research Priority can vary.

The members of the Research Priorities meet regularly and are expected to discuss not only on-going projects but also more wide-ranging issues, while taking into account ZBSA’s own unique features and vigorously seeking diachronic and synergetic effects. At least once a year, an “inventory” is carried out, in which the status and prospects of each Research Priority are presented and discussed. ZBSA’s PhD candidates are assigned to a specific Research Priority. Researchers visiting for a longer period are integrated in the Research Priorities and take part in such meetings.


CRC 1266, Scales of Transformation – Human-Environment Interaction in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies
Sacrifice of military equipment
Visual History
Technology – Tradition and Innovation
Cluster "Maritime communication"
Beyond the Grave – Social and Cultural Dimensions of Mortuary Practices
Cluster Settlements and Power Structures
The former East Prussia within the Network of Baltic archaeology
History of Hunting and Fishing
Cluster "Landscape change, cultural transformation and socio-economic development during the Stone Age"
Cluster "Settlement and landscape in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic"
Cluster "Origin and development of the populations of domestic animals"
Fundamental research in scientific archaeology
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From 17/3/2020 the staff of the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology will be mainly working from home due to the Corona crisis. The employees can be reached under the known email addresses.

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