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Nydam mose – The personal equipment

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Dr. Andreas Rau

Excavations 1989–1999

The site of Nydam, in Southern Denmark, ranks among the salient localities for Central and Northern European research into the Early Historic period, not least because of the surviving Nydam boats. During the period AD 250-480, and within the framework of sacrificial activities, large quantities of military equipment were deposited here which can be interpreted as the spoils of war, i.e. war booty, gained during the course of military conflicts between different socio-political units.

Towards the end of the 20th century, excavation campaigns at the site by the Danish National Museum documented numerous cultural-historically very important objects and finds dating from the Late Roman Iron Age and Migration period.

By virtue of the large number of offerings (at least six but probably as many as seven or eight separate deposition events), together with the diversity of the equipment represented in the finds assemblages, the finds material from Nydam provides essential access to the history of events and lines of cultural-historical development in the northern part of Barbaricum during the Late Roman Iron Age and Migration period.


The personal equipment

Nydam Schnalle

The personal equipment (costume fittings, strap/belt fittings, tools, objects of value and articles for everyday use) was comprehensively analysed and interpreted, with regard to chronological, chorological, functional and social-historical questions, within the framework of postdoctoral research carried out at the University of Kiel. Studies into the provenance of the warriors involved in the conflicts, of the weapons and battle techniques, as well as of the social structure and the implications of these war-like activities for Barbarian society all have this material as their point of departure.

The Publication of this analysis took place in April 2010.

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