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Environmental changes and cultural transformations of preboreal hunter-gatherer-societies in northern central Europe

Daniel Groß M.A., Dissertation (finished in June 2014)

At the end of the last ice age severe environmental changes occurred nearly contemporaneously with transformations of the lithic inventories. In terms of the technology, Ahrensburgian tanged-point industries are replaced by preboreal arrowheads. However, there are no known sites showing a transition of these two artefact types.

Based on this phenomenon it is assumed that late glacial tanged-points and preboreal microliths are relicts of different groups with varied hunting strategies. In such a case we must consider a prey-specific niche differentiation which raises the question: did the respective hunter-gatherer groups move because of migrating game, or did their subsistence strategies alter due to the changing environment, thereby causing the varied forms of artefacts?

To approach this question, different regions of focus will be chosen, each containing at least two (almost) synchronous sites that offer the opportunity to reconstruct the environment and subsistence strategies in prehistoric times. These regions of focus will be related to one another to compare typological and ecological parameters and eventually to inform on the question of migration or changed subsistence.

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