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Pinnberg 7: Chronology, Technology, Typology (completed)

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Dr. Daniel Groß

The project „Pinnberg 7“ deals with the late Palaeoloithic to late Neolithic/early Bronze Age site Pinnberg 7 from the Ahrensburg Tunnelvalley with regards to its chronological subdivision. This has already been questioned after the monographic publication of the site by the excavator Alfred Rust and has not been subject to research until now. The project’s objective is to review the chronological, chorological and stratigraphical circumstances of the site. Therefore typological and technological analyses are used to examine differences in the spatial distribution of the artefacts and for verifying the excavator’s proposed chronological differentiation.

The results are published in:

  • Groß, Daniel, Berckhan, Steffen, Hauschild, Nadine, Räder, Anna-Lena, & Sohst, Anne. (2016). Pinnberg 7 – Technologische Untersuchungen zur Überprüfung der internen Chronologie. In K. Gerken, D. Groß & S. Hesse (Eds.), Neue Forschungen zum Mesolithikum. Beiträge zur Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mesolithikum Rotenburg (Wümme), 19.–22. März 2015 (pp. 145-164). Rotenburg (Wümme): Isensee.
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